Kristy needs

On one of the writer’s boards I frequent, someone started a thread about what happens if you google your own name plus the word “needs” which in my case would be “Kristy needs”. Here are my results along with my comments about the trueness or falsity of the statements.

1. Kristy needs the help of the Babysitters Club. (True. I mean, what woman with 3 children couldn’t use a whole CLUB devoted to babysitting.)

2. Kristy needs Scott for something. (False. Kristy already has her husband, D., for all the many things she needs.)

3. Kristy needs to get used to the idea. (Hmm, difficult to determine. Depends on what “the idea” is. If the idea is a weekend away with my husband, then it won’t take much getting used to.)

4. Kristy needs 15 hours in the dental chair. (False.   can attest to my dental health. She was awestruck, I tell ya.)

5. Kristy needs to know what is a good time. (False. Trust me. Kristy knows. She already knows.)

6. Kristy needs a nap right now. (True. Did I mention that I have 3 children?)

7. Kristy needs to write more.(Does writing in LJ count?)

8. Kristy needs all the help she can get. (True. I’m willing to admit I’m not an island.)

9. Kristy needs to learn a few new tricks. (Definitely not. I’ve already got them all up my sleeve and waiting.)

10. Kristy needs to earn some money. (Well, whether it’s true or not, it sure would be nice.)

11. Kristy needs tickets for Rascal Flatts. (Hmm, I do sort of get emotional over that “Broken Road” song.)

12. Kristy still needs special care. Expensive care. ( Hee hee. Well, I agree with that one!.)

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