USA Soccer Pep Talk

Okay, USA. This is it. Your game starts now. It’s you and Italy. They’re good. They’re tough. Everyone in your section has won one game now. Lose this and you go no further. You can do it. We believe in you. This could be one for the history books. Be there.

USA vs. Italy — World Cup Soccer — RIGHT NOW. 3pm EST June 17

Big breath everyone. This one could hurt.

UPDATE FINAL SCORE! USA 1 Italy 1; USA isn’t out of the CUP yet. It’ll take a big game against Ghana but it’s possible. Details to follow.

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9 thoughts on “USA Soccer Pep Talk

  1. Of course we would. But apparently in this sport we have to get them to score our own goals for us. Let’s hope Italy either decides to start playing baseball or USA figures out how to get the ball in the net.

  2. I’m so glad somebody else I “know” is following the World Cup. Although being in Brazil, you’re probably sick of hearing about how fat and sad Ranoldo is and how Ronaldinho is amazing, etc.

    1. Ronaldo did sort of seem to mope in that first game because Lula (Brazil’s president) called him fat. He picked it up in the next game though.

      Rondaldinho is absolutely amazing though. I love watching those highlight reels where they show his footwork. And I’m not even a soccer fan really. Only during World Cup and only for Brazil. I mean, I want the US to win their games and if they had any hope winning the whole thing I might want them to win but I’m a big Brazil fan. How could I not be one living down here in all this excitement?

      Who in your family is following the World Cup?

      1. That’d be me. And both of my girls, to a slightly lesser extent. They both play, and they’ve watched about 6 games so far. We tend to root for underdogs and for countries we like. We therefore rooted for Ghana (until tomorrow, although even then the kids are okay if Ghana beats the US because they think it’s so cool that it’s Ghana’s first trip to the World Cup) and Togo. M loves France and England. S loves Germany and Italy (and any team with cute guys — she wants to marry Fernando Torres from Spain at present, but only because she hasn’t seen the Aussies, I’m sure).

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