All in all, A-OK

I’ve spent the day going from one task to another, mostly household tasks with a few writing tasks thrown in to break up the monotony. It’s unbelievable to me how long it can take to fold and put away all the laundry. When you add in helping small children pick up and put away the things they were playing with (but did not put away before they moved on to something else) it can be an endless cyclical process.

Luckily, writing-wise, I was just working on short, quick bursts of picture book stanzas. I fiddled with UP, UP, HOORAY (which yes, is currently submitted to my crit group but I can’t stop fiddling even when I’m waiting for feedback), wrote 3 new stanzas in MINI-RACER, wracked my brain trying to come up with a new ending for SURFER CHICK (no such luck but maybe it will appear when I least expect it) and quickly typed out two stanzas in THE DADDY WAY with two of our three children hanging from my back. (The third child was outside climbing a palm tree… yes, you read that right. Remember, we live in Brazil. My children climb palm trees.) It was a hodge-podge, mish-mash, back and forth kind of day. 

The most interesting, surprising, exhilirating part of the day had to be the letter we received from the IRS informing us that we had done our taxes incorrectly and we are now due a refund. I double checked the law, the math and the address on the letter. They’re right. And we desperately need the money.  So all in all, I’d say that makes for a good day. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “All in all, A-OK

  1. A big yahoooooooooooo on the refund!

    It sounds like a wild day. Kids climbing palms…short, quick bursts of PB stanzas (I’m so envious!)…and laundry/pick up. Wow! I’ll have what you’re having!

      1. Is it 8 weeks because it’s going to Brazil or is that how long they say it generally takes?

        I’m also expecting a refund, but I forgot to ask my tax-preparer-lady how long it will take for the checks to arrive We just sent in our tax returns (all 7 of them!) about 2 weeks ago, so I’m guessing we still have to wait a bit. But money is always nice, whenever it arrives.

      2. I don’t know. That’s what it says on my letter but I don’t know for sure that the type of letter I received is the type of letter someone in the States would receive. It looks like it but I can’t be sure.

    1. Well, we are exempt from most tax so most deductions don’t really apply to us. But there’s one (and it’s really confusing and has to do partially with what we paid to Medicare and SS, in addition to how many children we have)that I didn’t know we could take, but we can and it changes our overall situation. YAY!

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