Don’t you hate it when you’ve been working on something FOR-EV-ER and you finish it and decide the ending doesn’t work? But then you can’t come up with a way to change it, so you set it aside and you come back to it each week and stare. And you still can’t think of a good fix? And then suddenly one day, you open it up and you think well, if I did this, I would have to do that, but then I could do this other thing to make those two things work together. So then you do it and by golly, you think you HAVE it. 

There’s a new chick on the scene and she’s broken through all her fears and made it home just in the nick of time. At least, I hope so. I’m pretty sure. Probably.

I’ll have to run it past a few people to be sure. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “BREAK-THRU!

  1. Hooray, Kristy! I was reading that first paragraph going Yes! Yes! Exactly.
    I usually have several almost mixed pb cookie batters on the shelf just waiting for a breakthrough. 🙂 It’s so fun to find that last ingredient.

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