Loud, active children

I have a friend whose children sit nicely and quietly. They whisper. They enjoy quiet activities. They love to read.

My children love to read. While yelling. And playing. And poking each other. While jumping on one foot. And twirling in circles. And fighting over the book in question.

My children are loud. They do not sit still. They never, ever whisper.

I live what Ursula Nordstrom said about wanting to publish good books for bad children. I think that’s what I’m destined to write. I do not consider my children bad. But if the rest of the children in the world are anything like my three, we’ve got our work cut out for us.

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15 thoughts on “Loud, active children

  1. boy, this was refreshing to read! One of my son’s friends is also quiet and loves peaceful activities. My son is sooo loud — I mean, his first activity of the day is usually to yell at the top of his lungs (I hate this activity, btw)…my kids are also good, but boy, they’re so loud!

  2. I’ll bet my loud children are louder than your loud children. Perhaps with the exception of my three-year old daughter. But she’s learning to be loud. Her brothers are most excellent teachers.

    Plus–the vocabulary they yell. Ack.

  3. We had to leave the library today because O has no concept of being quiet. I think he thinks he is being quiet, but he is soooo wrong.

    I love the UN quote. You are writing good books are all children.

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