Poetry Friday

I love Poetry Friday. It gets me going back through my own poetry and makes me want to do something with it!

Poetry is such a heart sale. HA! I meant to write that poetry is such a hard sale. I turned away for a moment and when I turned back I caught my error. But you know, poetry is such a heart sale. Even a simple poem on a sparrow. Even a funny take on bathtime. The best thing about poetry is that the reader recognizes something. It draws from our hearts, from the seat of our emotions. Be it funny, or serious, or pithy, or deep, the reader must say ‘Yes, that’s it. I see it that way too’ or ‘isn’t that amazing. I’ve never thought of it that way before.’ Poetry pulls us in, often with the choice of just one word. It’s the singular image that stays with me when I read poetry, even the funny ones. Oh, that my own poetry would cut to the chase and cause those singular images to reflect a child’s own thoughts or tug on their funny bones.


The click of a shutter,
A hand-picked panorama,

An emotion
cradled in time by christening,
a cupful of precision
poured out in words,
a flirtatious invitation,
a wink,
a blink,
a glimpse
of shadow proving the sun

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