One choice at a time

This is how I’m learning to finish a novel and to be consistent with exercise and to keep the dishes washed and just about any other thing I feel compelled or constrained to do: I just ask myself “what do I really want?” Would I really rather watch tv or finish a novel? Would I really rather take a nap or lose 5 pounds? Would I really rather wake up to a clean kitchen or do it in the morning? “What do I really want?”

And sometimes, I choose tv. Or the nap. Or waiting until morning. But lately 9 times out of 10, I choose to do now what could wait until later. Especially when it comes to writing. Because I don’t want it to be this time next year when I wake up and realize I’ve watched this same episode of Oprah three times now, but I still haven’t finished my novel.

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10 thoughts on “One choice at a time

  1. I hope you have a very happy birthday!

    How much more of the novel do you have to write? Having both long term and short term goals helps me the most. I usually know what I want to accomplish each day/week/month. If I have a conference critique coming up, I always push myself to finish at least the rough draft and polish as much as possible…just in case. It really has lit a fire under me! (Of course, I gave up exercising for more writing time, but I’m slowly working the exercise back in). If only we could add another 4 or so hours each day. 🙂

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