Writing outside your native tongue

I’m writing my first picture book in Portuguese. And I’m absolutely loving it. I’m all giddy and have that wonderful lovey-dovey feeling you get when you start something new that you think just might end up working. My one dilemma? Who in the world will I get to critique it? I wonder if Ana Maria Machado has time for a quick read? 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Writing outside your native tongue

  1. ME!
    Pretty please.

    I read and speak Portuguese. I LOVE the Portuguese language. It is so beautiful. I want to live in Brazil again.
    And my daughter–who will be an English grad student next year is starting to read for a few of my friends on LJ. She is fluent in Portuguese and has done simultaneous translation.

    My e-mail is sarah.blake.johnsonATgmailDOTcom Yeah–the normal replacements.

    1. Fab? Or mad out of my mind?

      The Brazilian market is not very big, so my impression is that there’s hardly room for me, but I would love to publish here too, so this contest was one of those things I thought I ought to give a whirl. It’s been fun. Not sure how pb-y my pb is, but we’ll see!

    1. Now *that* would be something!

      Rhyming text? Umm, no. I’d love to write a rhyming text in Portuguese. In fact, I’ve tried before. The most I’ve ever done is a few lines of poetry. In English I don’t rely on my rhyming dictionary too much, but I definitely use it. And I don’t think there is such a thing as a rhyming dictionary in Portuguese. Maybe one day!

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