April First Miscellany — some of which have nothing to do with trickery

1. I woke my almost 10 year old daughter up this morning by handing her a cup of coffee and telling her I had signed her up for an afternoon job at her school. From now on I’d be picking her up at 6 pm every day when her work day ended. She sat straight up, eyes wide open and then immediately said, “April Fools…but can I still have the coffee?” Smart one, that cookie.

2. I finished the picture-book-that-may-not-really-be-a-picture-book in Portuguese yesterday and sent it off to sarah_create and her fluent Portuguese-speaking husband for review. It was fun for them, at least, to read something in Portuguese and at least pretend for the moment that they are in warm, balmy Brazil instead of shivery, quivery Iceland. The story is really for a contest that will be put on by the Brazilian branch of IBBY. And all I stand to win is a few books. But still, it was fun and who knows but that I really could publish a book here one day!

3. I want to celebrate Poetry Month by posting something poetry related every day. I’m not sure if it will be an original poem, or a translation, or just thoughts, but I’m in this year. If I miss a day here or there, don’t hold it against me, but I’m going to try! I’ll be back in a minute for my first post of the month!

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6 thoughts on “April First Miscellany — some of which have nothing to do with trickery

  1. HOW COOL!

    I love the idea of your pb, Kristy! And I’m a much cruella mommeh– I woke my child to say no school today, snowday– APRIL FOOL’S! I’m sure pay back will be devious…

    Looking for the poetry posts!


  2. Yes! Send her out to work! It’s time she started pulling her own weight and bringing in a few bucks! 😉

    Seriously, good luck with your book. And I think you should be writing a kids’ book (in English) set in Brazil…

    1. Book set in Brazil

      I want to, really I do. I keep trying. And somehow it’s just not working. Yet. I think I will be able to mine much from the many years I’ve lived here, but either I’ve just barely scratched the surface or I’m overlooking the glittering stones. I’ll keep you posted.

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