Poetry Month — Full to Overflowing with Ideas

I don’t know about you, but the poetry posts all over the web for National Poetry Month have my mind whirring at the speed of hummingbird wings. I’ve resurrected a dormant collection idea and begun a companion collection, both of which I’m really excited about now. I’m going to try to draft a poem a day for one or the other of these collections during this month. I won’t be posting those drafts here, but I will be posting an original poem (read first draft!) or translation every day (or most every day) here during the month of April. It’s a tall order, but if I can’t do it during National Poetry Month, when I’m surrounded by all this inspiration, when can I do it?


Wings sing
a drummer on air
a melody made
in shade near a shadbush
a tune without music
a hymn with no notes
a perfect-form song
plucked on mid-air
a solo of solos
in Spring

—Kristy Dempsey (all rights reserved)

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15 thoughts on “Poetry Month — Full to Overflowing with Ideas

  1. Anonymous

    Cloudscome says:

    I am so glad you left me a comment! I am thrilled to read your poetry and look forward to hearing more about your life in Brazil. Hummingbird wings are a lovely image for how all this poetry feels.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting on Reviewed Here First!

    B just took off for Paris, but we had dinner (and a hug) last night.

    Haven’t seen Kendra.

    I hope you will be here next time!

  3. Re: Lovely!

    I’m so happy for you that you’re back in OH but it makes me sad that I can’t just run up the road when I’m in NC and see you when I’m there. I mean, like you know, it happened so often and everything. 😉

  4. What a great idea, Kristy! That’s a lovely poem, too. I like the way you work shadbush in there. The specifics of it make me see a rubythroated hummingbird in New England.

    Now you’ve inspired me. Don’t know that I’ll make it through 30, but I’m going to try, too.

    Kathy Q.

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