Rio de Janeiro — National Poetry Month

When you’re in Rio,
with Copacabana sand between your toes,
staring at Sugarloaf Mountain,
drinking juice through a straw
straight from a fresh coconut,
there is no need for a poetry post
because you’re
in puro Poesia.

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3 thoughts on “Rio de Janeiro — National Poetry Month

  1. Anonymous


    Kristy, that makes me want to feel that sand!

    By the way, I’m tagging you again.

    Here’s what you do if you want to play along.

    1. Go to page thirty of one of one of your novels or page 3 of a picture book.
    2. Go to the fifth sentence.
    3. Post the fifth sentence and the next five sentences on your blog.
    4. Then tag five other writer friends’ blogs.

    It’s fun to see little snippets of friends’ works in progress.


    Visit my blog to see my excerpt.

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