Proofs, people! PROOFS!

The Fed Ex man just paid me a visit. THE FED EX MAN JUST PAID ME A VISIT!!!!!! I have proofs for my upcoming picture book with Philomel and I’m telling you, the art is just WOW! I really don’t know if I’m supposed to do this but you have to see the cover.

Aren’t they adorable? Here’s the flap copy:

We’re a pair beyond compare,
a rare and special two,
in all the ways that I am me
and you’re completely you.

"Here is a special twosome. From tea time to game time, in singing or swinging, in the good times and even the grumpy ones, too, this granddaughter knows her grandpa loves her. Indeed, they are a "pair beyond compare."

With simple rhymes and delightfully charming illustrations, Me with You celebrates the sure love that comes from a grandfather and grandchild who dare to be "completely themselves" while knowing that together — they are even more!"

I’m in love with the whole package. I wish I could show you the rest. "The sure love". Isn’t that just spot on? 🙂

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75 thoughts on “Proofs, people! PROOFS!

  1. Anonymous

    Kristy, it looks darling! Who wouldn’t want their own copy of this precious book? I can’t wait to get my own! Congratulations!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh! Oh! Oh!

    I almost missed this! The artwork is just GORGEOUS! This is going to fly off the shelves I say!


    When? When?

    1. Re: Oh! Oh! Oh!

      Tracie, I think that’s you, but you’re anonymous! It’ll be on the shelves in May 2009. SOOOOooooooooo long. But it’s beautiful and I’m thrilled. This is the book that sold the day I met you for coffee in NC. You were my good luck. 🙂

  3. release date?

    A huge congratulations to you. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I hope you’ll do a contest! The art is delightful. When’s the release date?

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