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lurban shared it the other day. It’s been on my Facebook. Penguin Putnam favorited it on their You tube page. So it’s out there and if you haven’t seen it yet, I want you to. And if you’ve already seen it, I hope you’re not tired of it and are willing to indulge me, because I don’t think I’m going to get tired of it. Ever. 🙂

The book trailer for my soon-to-be-out-there picture book with Philomel, illustrated by Christopher Denise, edited by Patricia Gauch:

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15 thoughts on “Book Trailer

      1. No. But I giggled and imagined myself visiting you and you getting the tornado drill email and us both running to the hallway to crouch down and cover our heads. So since I imagined that I *would* have done it, I am also a dork.

  1. I haven’t seen it video. It’s adorable! Now I know what I want to get for my Dad for his Birthday! He’ll love it! It would be perfect. He’s the best Grandpa and the illos are perfect. Are you going to have a way to do order signed copies from a local bookstore?

    1. When is your dad’s birthday? I will have a way to order signed copies but only after July. But there may be a way for me to get one to you anyway. It depends on when his birthday is.

    1. Yes, yes, yes! You will have that book in time, I can promise! I’m sending you an email and will give you the name of the bookstore to contact. I arrive in the US on July 8th and will go to her store on the 9th to sign it for you and we’ll send it out then. Now let me go see if I can find your email somewhere.

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