picture books, illustrations, and book trailers

lurban and I had a little convo the other day about picture book illustrations and she’s dishing over here. She also shares a link/preview to something exciting and dear to my heart. Thought you might want to check it out for yourself …

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2 thoughts on “picture books, illustrations, and book trailers

    1. Liz, I think you are someone I’d love to watch all my favorite movies with, and read through all my favorite passages in all my favorite books with, and eat comfort food and curl up under blankets and talk about all important things like our children and philosophy and different types of tread on running shoes. One day we shall gather a roomful of kindred spirits and do just this.

      (I’m such a softie that I still tear up when I read the book out loud and the trailer gets me too. Maybe it’s just first-book love but I like to think that we got the emotion just right enough that it’s universal.)

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