I think ME WITH YOU is just about to hit stores. It’s no longer listed as a pre-order at Barnes and Noble. AND my author copies came today. So here’s a little contest fun for you.

I am in Brazil.

My book is in America.

I long to see my book in bookstores. And I cannot until I arrive in July. But YOU can help me!

First person to send me a picture of ME WITH YOU in an actual bookstore wins a copy! Photo must clearly show you holding my book with bookstore image in background (inside or outside, I’m not picky).

Attach the photo to an email (and let me know the name of the bookstore and city you found it in) and send to kristy (at) kristydempsey (dot) org.

BUT WAIT! Not only that…

If you miss being the first to get me a photo, send anyway! Because between the first photo and June 15, I’ll enter everyone who sends me a photo of my book in a bookstore, or in your hands at your house, into a drawing for a giveaway of another copy. (Edited to add: if you also post it to your own blog –or Facebook– I’ll enter you twice! Just send me the link when you email me the picture.) Okay, so June 15 is a long time, I know. But it gives all the stores time to get the book in, and gives you time to run by and give it a gander and send me a picture!

Tell everyone you know!

Fine print: Booksellers are excluded from winning the contest, because you know, of the obvious fact that their hands are the ones that open the boxes. 🙂

ETA: First copy has been sighted but you can still be in the running for a copy by sending me a pic and/or posting it to your blog or Facebook. See the details above.

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19 thoughts on “CONTEST!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Linda. I’d imagine it will still be over the next couple of weeks that the book arrives in stores. But I thought I’d post about the contest so that people can keep their eyes open!

    1. We’ve lived in Brazil for the last ten years, though we’re in the US from time to time. This July, though, will be a six month stay, so we won’t return to Brazil until January 2010.

  1. Pshaw!

    I am going to BUY your book! I will take your picture at my HOUSE because I want your book to be in MY LIBRARY since it is such a winning text by such a fabulous writer.


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