ME WITH YOU has been spotted!


ME WITH YOU has been found at Books-a-Million in Birmingham, AL on Lakeshore Drive, by Amy Dowdy.

Don’t forget to continue to send me pictures between now and June 15. I will draw a name from the entrants for a second winner of a copy of ME WITH YOU. And if you post it to your Facebook or blog and send me the link (at kristy (at) kristydempsey (dot) com, you get TWO entries!

And I’m such a dork that when Amy sent me the picture, I gasped, and then began to sob, mostly because I am happy, but also because Amy and her family lived here in Brazil for ten years and are very dear to my heart and she has been one of my cheerleaders from when I began writing.

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9 thoughts on “ME WITH YOU has been spotted!

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, and I haven’t even looked because I thought it was too early! I’ll check the next time I’m out. I can’t wait to buy it!

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