These days are one of those times when I wish I could be in two places at once. For example, I live in Brazil and not in Vermont, so I couldn’t attend Linda Urban’s signing of her new picture book, MOUSE WAS MAD. I have heard Linda read MOUSE in manuscript form. (And as an aside, Linda is the BEST reader. Seriously. Next time we’re all together, I’m going to have her read the Financial Section of the newspaper out loud just to show how talented she is.) Anyway, back to MOUSE. You can’t really talk about a picture book without seeming like you’re talking about its main character. MOUSE is funny and endearing and so real. I want to do a proper celebration of MOUSE when I actually have my very own copy in my hands after July. Right now, I can’t even talk about the art because, well, I haven’t seen it, though I’ve heard, dear reader, I’ve heard of its wonderful adorableness.

For now, I’m going to join Linda’s contest and weigh in on what makes me mad and what makes me feel better. Truth is, I don’t often get mad, really, really foot-stompin’ mad. It’s most often disrespect and injustice that make me mad, and most often in relation to the way someone else treats my children. But truth is, though I will speak up for myself and my children, what most comforts me is similar to MOUSE in that I like to crawl under the covers and stay as still as possible for a while. Just snuggle up until the adrenaline and anxiety fade away.

What about you, readers? You can weigh in on your own blog or here at Linda’s for a chance to win a copy of MOUSE *and* chocolate. (Chocolate is in 2nd place for me as a comfort. And a nap coupled with chocolate = no longer being angry at all!)

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