Way back in May when I mentioned that I wouldn’t be in the States to see my book born into the world in bookstores across America, and I decided to hold a contest to give those who would be willing to send me a picture of my book in a bookstore or in their hands at home, I never imagined how many tears I would shed and how many smiles it would bring to my face to see you guys tracking down my book and sending me pictures. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to see what feels like years of labor, even though I’m not there to see it. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. And thank you, too, to those who sent me news of "sightings" even if they didn’t happen to have a camera with them at the time.

To all who entered by sending me pictures, I am SO grateful you were willing to share in my joy. And some of you were entered in the contest even if you didn’t send me the link. If you posted a picture of my book here on LJ, or on Facebook, or on Blogger or anywhere that I saw it, I entered you in the contest!

We wrote down each of the names on a piece of paper…if you posted the pic to your blog or Facebook AND sent me the link, you received two entries…we put all the names into my son’s cowboy hat and then my husband (to whom the book is dedicated) did the honors….

And without furthor ado, the winner of a copy of ME WITH YOU is MARY WOODFIN BOGGS, a sweet friend from our college ministry days in Carrollton, Georgia! She found the book at Barnes and Noble in Hampton, Va.

Congratulations, Mary! I’ll be in touch!

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