Tuesday Two

1. I was thrilled, THRILLED I say, to see this review of ME WITH YOU, not only because the reviewer seems to really "get" the book as a celebration of those who love children unconditionally, but also because the reviewer is Esmé Codell. You know? Esmé? Codell? Professional "Readiologist" and otherwise Amazingly Insightful Children’s Lit Reader and Extoller? Yes, THAT Esmé Codell. She read ME WITH YOU and blogged about it. She even sniffed the pages a bit. I mean, I bet she did. WOW.

2. During ALA on Saturday, July 11th, I am going to be reading and signing ME WITH YOU at Magic Tree Bookstore from 1:30 to 3:30 pm (Happy 25th Birthday, Magic Tree!) . Also signing is Jon Scieszka (Yeah. He’s only the NATIONAL AMBASSADOR FOR YOUNG PEOPLE’S LITERATURE), Gennifer Choldenko (Yeah. Her book Al Capone Does My Shirts won a Newbery Honor), Ingrid Law (Yeah, Her New York Times Bestselling book, Savvy, won a Newbery Honor this year), Jerry Pinkney (Yeah. His awards are too many to mention and include words like "Caldecott" and "Coretta Scott King Award"; not to mention I have been in love with his ilustrative style since…oh, forever), and Richard Peck (yes, that Richard Peck) only one of the most important authors in my writerly heart and with whom I can’t even imagine sharing breathing space. I’m afraid I will tear up and make a fool of myself. Yes, I have already asked someone to have the smelling salts at the ready.

Needless to say, I feel very privileged to be able to take part in such a wonderful celebration of Magic Tree’s 25th anniversary with so many of my children’s literature idols. (Oh. And did I mention it will be my very first signing for ME WITH YOU? Boy howdy. What a way to kick it off.)

I’ll also be signing Sunday morning, July 12th at ALA at 10am at the Penguin Putnam booth (#2120). Hope to see you there!

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18 thoughts on “Tuesday Two

  1. Me With You is on our staff favorites shelves and on display up by our front counter. It has been selling well for us. And we all love it. It is such a beautiful book. 🙂

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