Peeking through the cracks and fissures

I’ve gone mostly dark due to reading and writing and an untimely surgery, but I wanted to stop by to share this quote from Acedia and Me: A Marriage, Monks and a Writer’s Life by Kathleen Norris, because it has everything to do with the novel I’m working on, and also because I think there are many of you who would like to hear this today:

"…in a sense we are all seeking the same thing. We want to prepare a good soil in which grace can grow; we want to regard the cracks and fissures in ourselves with fresh eyes, so that they might be revealed not merely as the cause or the symptom of our misery but also as places where the light of promise shines through."

I’m moving toward that light of promise and hope you are too. 

5 thoughts on “Peeking through the cracks and fissures

    1. The book itself is deep and heavy and at times I felt like I was wading slowly through dense fog in trying to gather it all in. But it is beautiful and touching and I needed it.

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