What I am up to

 Taking a cue from   Monday post, here’s my own WHAT I AM UP TO:

1. Packing to return to Brazil after spending a year in the US. We have 8 bags, 2 boxes, 5 carry-ons and six personal items (backpacks or purses) plus one extra bag for someone to bring to us later. 

2. Finishing a novel. Inching closer to the end. My goal is to be finished with this draft and a quick first run-through revision by August 1.

3. Preparing for the hopeful possibility that I will be working this fall as a librarian at an international school in our city in Brazil. (Keep your fingers crossed for me!)

4. Feeling overwhelmed with the returning and settling back into Brazilian culture but oh so ready to be back home there.

5. I am the guest of the day at Lindsey Leavitt’s Month-long blog-o-ramo of Impact Initiative posts. Stop by   to check out the post and while you’re there take a gander at the inspirational posts she’s had so far. They have each made me want to make a difference in my own little world with the hope that it would make a ripple in the bigger world. Don’t miss Lindsey’s new book, PRINCESS FOR HIRE, a perfect read for anyone who’s ever dreamed of escaping her own life for something better. Funny how it always ends up being not so much better, huh? But in the process, you just might figure out how to make that something better happen for yourself AND for others. A fun, FUNNY summer read.

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