Six Things on a Saturday

1. We adopted a mutt yesterday. A truly homeless dog that was living at the university. Took her straight to the vet where she spent the night and was checked out and now she is ours. Her name is Pepper. She and I both are still adjusting.

2. Pan-fried tilapia for dinner with steamed veggies. Very soon.

3. We (my older sister and I) bought my mom and stepfather a Wii Fit for their birthdays. I’m looking forward to trying it while in the US. Anyone love or hate it? The thing actually weighs you when you step on it? Eep.

4. The monkeys outside our window have not been to visit in two weeks. šŸ˜¦

5. Scheduled three book events so far for late summer/early fall. Who lives near Greenville, SC or Asheville, NC?

6. It’s been close to 100F here for the past few days and yesterday it finally rained and cooled just a notch or two. I may actually sleep tonight.

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22 thoughts on “Six Things on a Saturday

  1. My cat’s name is Pepper. šŸ™‚ And I’d like to try a Wii Fit but haven’t yet…let us know how it is!

    And monkeys? Sorry they’ve gone missing, but how cool to have ever had monkeys outside your window!

  2. 5. Me! Me! Can’t wait to see you again! šŸ˜€

    I would love to have monkeys come to visit my kitchen window- what fun! I hope they come back soon for you. šŸ˜€

      1. Some random week ago, it changed here. We fell back, which made me an hour closer to you. And now you spring forward, which makes you another hour closer. I forgot to tell you because I barely noticed.

  3. I love our Wii Fit. If you’re already in good shape, you might not feel like you’re getting a workout at first, but as you begin to unlock things, I found I was being challenged more. It will even let you record exercising done elsewhere.

    Have fun with it!

    1. Ooo, thanks for the info. So it unlocks more levels or exercises the more you do it? And I like the idea of recording exercise done elsewhere because I don’t think I can give up the treadmill and weights at the gym.

      Do your kids like it?

      And does it really weigh you?

      1. Oh yeah – it weighs you! LOL And it makes comments when you haven’t been on for awhile, like “Tamra, too busy to exercise yesterday?”

        It will also ask after others. When A went off to college, the Wii kept asking me how her posture was lately . . .hint hint.

        A, who is 20, loved it to pieces. B, who’s 11, liked it too, even though he only played it to try to beat my and A’s scores.

        Since we went to Florida, I haven’t been back on it. I’m kind of afraid what it’s going to say to me!! LOL

  4. Anonymous


    We have a Wii fit and we love it! There are lots of games and exercises to try out, even get a good workout if you want. We like the balance games best.

    Book events sound exciting! Let me know if you ever come my way.

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